Read The Bible In 2024 With The Bible-Reading Coach Podcast (This Time You’ll Finish!)

If you've ever tried, but failed to read through the Bible, help is here! This weekly podcast will guide you from Genesis to Revelation.

Have you ever tried, but failed to read the Bible in a year?

You’re not alone. It’s a common frustration.

You start out strong in January. Genesis is an exciting story, with everything you need to keep you engaged and reading. Exodus, too, with its tale of freedom from slavery—for a few chapters.

Then, about midway through Exodus there’s page after page of laws, rituals, and sacrifices, which you know are important but you’re not sure how they apply today. And by the tme you get a few chapters into Leviticus, and not even out of January, you’ve stopped reading. But now you feel guilty, too.

This is why I created the Bible-Reading Coach.

What Is The Bible-Reading Coach?

The Bible Reading Coach is a weekly podcast that guides you through the entire Bible in 52 weeks.

Start each week by listening to the podcast, hosted by me, Karl Vaters. It’s designed to help beginners and longtime Bible readers get more out of your journey through God’s Word by making your reading journey . . .

  • SIMPLE: A weekly introduction to readings from Genesis to Revelation that helps you know what to look for as you read.
  • UNDERSTANDABLE: Helps you see how this ancient wisdom applies to the way we live, think, and believe today.
  • REWARDING: As you read from Genesis to Revelation, I’ll show you what to look for and how to apply it to your everyday life.

Then, as you read the passages that week, you’ll have an idea of what’s happening, why, and what it means for your life today.

This plan has been followed successfully by hundreds of people, with almost 10,000 podcast downloads!

Who Is The Bible-Reading Coach For?

This is a simple plan that can be used by anyone.

Christians: Are you a follower of Jesus who’s tried and failed to read through the Bible before? This time, you’ll finish.

Curious: Are you new to the Bible and the Christian faith? We welcome you! This can be a helpful first step to . . .

  1. Understand what the Bible says
  2. Discover why this collection of ancient texts is essential to the life and faith of billions of people
  3. Inspire you to dig even deeper

Church Leaders: Are you a pastor or a Bible-study leader who wants to lead a group through the Bible together? All episodes are available wherever you listen to podcasts (see below), so you can jump ahead and listen to how I introduce controversial passages so you can feel comfortable recommending it to others.

Where Can I Listen To It?

All 53 episodes of The Bible-Reading Coach (an Intro episode, plus 52 weeks) are on all major podcast platforms, including:


You can also click here to access the following tools:

Let’s make 2024 the year we read through the entire Bible together!

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