Thank You, Cornerstone

Christian Pedersen's baptismThere are a lot of people to thank for this website being a reality. And it all starts with the great people of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship.

A whole lot of what we’ll be doing on this website is thanks to Cornerstone. The lessons we’ve learned, the mistakes we’ve made and the great ministries that have been birthed by the people who pass through your doors are the seed that will be planted in this soil.

As of next month, it’ll be 20 years since a young, wounded pastor and his family came to a small, wounded church in a bedroom suburb eight miles south of Disneyland. We reached out to Jesus together and he used us to bring healing and hope to each other. Then we took that renewed health, hope and joy and turned it into good news for the families of our community.

We gained the courage to start trying new ideas. Some of them worked. Some really didn’t. So we kept what worked and tossed what didn’t, without blaming anyone for the failures. But mostly, we never stopped loving Jesus, loving each other and trying new ideas.

Soon we started training young ministers-to-be who came to us because they liked our try-anything attitude. We sent people and resources around the country and the world to share Jesus’ love, and we had a great time doing it.

And now, with this project, you’ve cheered me on, prayed for me, encouraged me, and several of you have even stepped up with practical help by proofreading the book, sharpening the graphics, taking and editing photos, tweaking the website and so much more.

The ride’s not over yet. In some ways it’s just about to hit an exciting new curve.

So strap yourselves in. Raise your hands high. And yell for joy.

This is gonna be fun.


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