Benevolence, Meth & Slavery (Two Rural Church Stories)

(This post is exclusive to I also posted at Pivot today. After you’ve read this post, scroll back here, then click over and read The Surprising, Guilt-Free Reason 80% of Churches Don’t Break the 200 Barrier. But keep reading here first. You’ll be glad you did.)

Last week, I read a post and some comments on a Facebook site for Small Church pastors. It’s a great site, monitored with a firm, but loving hand so the conversations stay helpful, not argumentative.

When I read a post by a Small Church pastor’s wife, followed by a comment from a Small Church pastor, I knew this was something others needed to read.

Since the comments were on a closed site (for good reasons) I asked for, and received permission to reprint what they wrote here.

I wish I could give them full credit for what they’ve written. But, because of the nature of their stories, they need to remain anonymous.