How Often Should a Church’s Leadership Meetings Be Held?

Recently I was asked, “in a small church, how often should church leadership meetings be held?” Today’s post is an expansion on my answer to that question

The short (and hopefully not trite) answer is – church leadership meetings should happen as often as needed, but never more often than necessary.

12 Simple Steps for More Effective Small Church Planning Meetings

There’s been a lot written about effective planning meetings from a big church perspective. But very little has been written with the challenges of small churches in mind.

For instance, most church planning advice assumes that everyone will have no problem showing up, because they have a paid staff.

That’s not the case in a small church. In many situations everyone is unpaid, including the pastor, making even the most basic assumptions moot.

Since planning meetings are harder to do in a small church, it’s even more important to make them matter. That’s why, when our church has planning meetings, I make sure to meet these 12 criteria.