Online Church Is Great, But It’s Not Enough

The church needs to be more digital. For Small Churches especially, the digital world can level the playing field and give us a broader reach and wider ministry than we currently have.

We need more churches taking advantage of online services, podcasts, livestreaming, social media, blogging, you name it.

But church will never be digital. Screen-to-screen is no substitute for face-to-face. Digital reality cannot replace actual reality.

I Don’t Go to Church to Worship Jesus

Since the Day of Pentecost, all believers have the Holy Spirit living in us from the moment of salvation, so we carry his presence with us. This means that every act of my life, whether alone or in the company of others, can and should be an act of worship.

But I still go to church every weekend. And I would go every weekend, even if I wasn’t a pastor.


I don’t go to church to worship Jesus. I go to church to worship Jesus with other people. Because I need to worship Jesus in the company of others. We all do.

Hanging Out Is Holy – And Healthy Small Churches Take It Seriously

I love hanging out with innovative, passionate Small Church pastors. They have such great stories and they can’t wait to tell them. The more I listen, the more I learn. We all know the value of hanging out with people who share our heart, don’t we? If we’re honest, most of us who attend ministerial …

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