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95 200cAre you one of the 95%?

You know, the 95% of churches that aren’t big or mega?

Then have I got a treat for you.

Today’s post is about a great ministry designed for churches and leaders like us. is the first of a list of websites and other ministries I’ll be writing about every Friday for the next few months in a feature I call Stuff We Like.

One of the goals of New Small Church is to connect Small Church leaders with each other and with great resources. Stuff We Like is is going to be a big part of that and yes, it will be exactly what it sounds like – a list of ministries, websites, books and other resources that enhance our effort to Encourage, Connect & Equip Innovative Small Church Leaders. Eventually you’ll find all the Stuff We Like under a tab on our main menu.


What is is a great ministry run by pastor Jim Powell of Richwoods Christian Church in Peoria, Illinois. No, that’s not a Small Church. It’s not even in the 95%. But Jim has a passion for ministering to and connecting with leaders from churches that aren’t mega.

Jim and I have been communicating through email and phone for several months. A few weeks ago we had the chance to meet face-to-face. Every time I talk with him I am more impressed with his heart and passion to bless leaders of churches that don’t fit the usual mold of ministry success. He gets it.

So what is about? I’ll let them tell you in this quote from their website: 

Who is the 95Network?

We’re called the 95network because 95% of churches in the United States are between 1-800 in size. We do not believe ‘bigger is better.’ Instead, we desire to help churches realize who God has called them to be, whatever size they are.

We want to see churches find their own voice. In so doing, we want to share resources, relevant materials and provide connections that enable churches and their leaders to realize their kingdom potential.

Our goal is to provide the 95% with the access they want to the tools and resources they need at a price they can afford.

We have found many of the resources and materials available to pastors and church leaders are often written at a mega-church or large church level. We have found these are not always practical to churches with less staff or financial resources.

The resources, tools and materials we provide are tilted toward churches under 800 in size.

Providing coaching, mentoring, conferences and connections along with other affordable resources, we desire to connect churches and church leaders to one another as they together realize their kingdom potential.


What Can They Do For Me?

Some of the resources they offer include

Sound good? Go to the site and check it out. Since they cover such a wide range of church sizes, not everything will be for everyone (what’s good for a church of 500 may not apply for a church of 50) but you’re likely to find something you can use and/or pass on to others. More ideas and resources are being added all the time, so bookmark the site and keep checking back.

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So what do you think? Do you know of other ministries providing resources for the 95% that we can share here?

We want to hear from you. Yes, you!
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7 thoughts on “Stuff We Like:”

  1. I’ve participated in one of the 95 Network video coaching pods and found Jim Powell to be very helpful and encouraging. It was also helpful to interact with other pastors that could relate to my ministry context. The whole experience was practical and motivating. Looking forward to connecting with 95 Network in the future. Thanks for the post, Karl. And thanks for The Grasshopper Myth – so encouraging!

    1. Thanks for the first-hand endorsement of 95Network’s ministry, Dave. It’s good to hear it from someone who’s used their stuff. And thanks for the kind words about my book, too.

  2. thanks, along with this site 95 is another resource that I’m sure will help us recover from the loss of our Pastor. And help us move forward while we regroup.

  3. Karl thanks for your ministry. I happened on your website by ‘accident’. Wen I began reading your book Inrealized I have heard your dad preach and I know some of your relatives here in Canada at lakeshore Pentecostal camp in cobourg ananda. I pastor a small church and have been very frustrated lately. Your book the grasshopper myth has been very encouraging. Thanks

    One of the 95 percent pastors in Canada

    1. It’s great to hear from you, Ralph. I spent some of the best weeks of my childhood and youth at Coburg camp. I’m so happy the book was a blessing to you.

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