Small Church Pastors Should Stand Tall (Podcast)

being creativeThere’s a big gap in our pastoral leadership training.

If you want advice and training about how to grow a big church, you have lots of great material to choose from. But do you want to know how to pastor your current Small Church well? A lot of the time it feels like you’re on your own.

To make matters worse, there don’t seem to be a lot of church leaders expressing concern about this massive oversight.

Here’s how I wrote about this challenge in my post, 8 Simple Words that Can Transform Your Church.

If anyone asks “Why aim a ministry at helping Small Churches?”, my answer would be to pose another question.

Why aren’t there hundreds of ministries aimed at helping Small Churches?” 

About 80% of the churches in the world are small. And being small is different than being big – in a whole lot of ways. But, by my non-scientific estimate, 80-90% of pastoral help books, even those that claim to be written for all churches, are written from a grow-a-big-church perspective, while less than 1% are about how to pastor a Small Church. (The remaining 9-19%, for all you math geeks, are about planting churches or house churches).

Sure there’s some overlap of principles that apply to both small and large churches. But less than 1% of resources are designed for that huge chunk of space that only applies to Small Churches.


Big Church, Small Church priniples Venn diagramIn today’s podcast, Jeff and Jonny of interview me about the content of that post.

We talk about that gap and we offer some ideas about how to bridge it. Plus, we talk about

  • The importance of connecting with other Small Church pastors
  • Equipping Small Church leaders with the tools that work for their size
  • Why Small Churches are ideally suited to be the innovators in the body of Christ
  • and more

 Click on the 200Churches logo, or the blog post title to go to and listen to the podcast.

 Today’s Podcast

200Churches logoSmall Church Pastors Should Stand Tall

Encouraging, Connecting and Equipping Innovative Small Church Leaders. Eight words. Eight simple words that can transform your church, your ministry and your life. How do I know that? Because the principles behind those eight words helped transform my life and my church from being defeated, wounded and sad to being strong, healthy and joyous. (Episode 60 – 33:04 total run time. The interview runs from 2:30 – 23:00.) 


So what do you think? Do you have any Small Church ideas you can share with us?

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1 thought on “Small Church Pastors Should Stand Tall (Podcast)”

  1. Karl, it was great to talk with you, because you are a small church pastor who is striving for a healthy church. You is one. 🙂 You’re a practitioner of small church ministry. Sometimes it just takes one to know one. Maxwell says it takes one to grow one. Jonny and I love talking to you because we speak a similar language and share like passion for small church pastors.

    Thanks for joining with us at to encourage pastors of small churches Karl!

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