Small Churches Connect to Rescue Sex Slaves

Sweet Rescue

If you live in or near Orange County, California there’s a very special event happening this Saturday, December 8, 2012 from 7pm–9pm that you need to attend if at all possible.

It’s called Sweet Rescue.

It’s a collaboration between several Small Churches in the area, led by a great Small Church called Convergence OC.

We’ll gather around the fountain in front of the AMC Theaters at The District Mall in Irvine/Tustin for a beautiful velvet rope experience. And it will support one of the most important causes imaginable.

The best way to describe what it’s about is through this section from The Grasshopper Myth: Chapter 8 – Small Church, Big Vision.


When my niece, Natalie, became touched by the plight of young girls being sold into slavery throughout Asia, she started raising funds for ministries that literally buy people their freedom.

Instead of asking church people to “Come and see” what this ministry was doing, she and the church went into the mall with it. They gathered around the fountain, brought baked goods and sold all-you-can-eat tickets for a $10 donation to people who had intended to come to the mall just to shop or watch a movie.

When restaurants in the mall heard what was happening, they offered to help, sending their employees out to walk around with trays of free samples.

Our church loved the idea so much that we joined them, along with other small local congregations, to sponsor the next year’s event.

So for the past two years, in the middle of a suburban mall, people from several Small Churches and under-the-radar ministries have mixed with movie goers, shoppers and on-the-clock restaurant employees to eat, meet, chat and donate money to save the lives of young girls on the other side of the world.


It’s a surprisingly fun evening, especially considering the nature of the cause we’re gathering for.

It costs just $10 to enjoy all-you-can-eat desserts, holiday beverages, live Christmas music and more. Bring any donations you can.

Let’s connect as Small Churches, followers of Jesus and people of compassion to have some seriously big impact where it’s desperately needed.


So what do you think? Does this inspire you to think of other ways Small Churches can infiltrate the culture and have compassionate impact?

We want to hear from you. Yes, you!
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