I Wasn’t Afraid to Go to Church Yesterday: A Memorial Day Tribute

Never ForgetYesterday morning, hundreds of millions of people woke up and went to church.

In some places around the world, many people risked their livelihoods, their safety, their families and even their lives to worship together.

If you live in one of the nations where you can go to church without fear, let’s take a moment today to be thankful for that.

In America, today is Memorial Day. Instead of going to work, people will gather for BBQs in backyards and parks. They’ll go to community pools, beaches and riverbanks for water play. In those and hundreds of other ways, we celebrate this day that has become the unofficial first day of summer.

But this day off isn’t just an excuse to eat hamburgers and hot dogs.


Our Choice Because of Their Sacrifice

Yesterday, the biggest choice Americans had about church was whether-or-not to go. Not whether-or-not they’d lose their freedom because of their choice. 

It didn’t cross the mind of one single person living on American soil that their choice to go to church or stay home would result in the police or soldiers breaking in and hauling them off to jail for their choice. That is truly an amazing thing.

That happens every Sunday because millions of brave men and women have made sacrifices to defend those choices for over 200 years.

Some of them gave their lives.

This day is for those heroes.

This short blog post is my wholly inadequate, but sincerely heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who has served. And, most of all, my profound gratefulness to those who gave their very lives.

I worshipped yesterday without fear.

I write today without fear.

I speak my mind without fear.

For those and so many other freedoms I enjoy every day without fear, I say “thank you”.


So what do you think? What would you like to say to thank those who have given so much for our freedoms?

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(Never Forget Cross photo from Binh Nguyen • Flickr • Creative Commons license)

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3 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Afraid to Go to Church Yesterday: A Memorial Day Tribute”

  1. We can do much more than just remember these believers. We can support them in their need and in helping them bring the gospel to people in their hostile environment. The giving chapters of the Bible, 2 Cor. 8 & 9, were written with this in mind as Paul is gathering a gift from Gentile churches to help the suffering church in Jerusalem. The last time I heard this preached was to raise $8 million for a double size gymnasium so our church could “penetrate” our community. I realized the “where” of giving was exposited out of the message. Giving is always to go beyond myself and other rich folks around me. This is system typical of the American church. If we can afford it, we will pool our giving to bless mostly (not completely) ourselves. Within the $8 million was $40,000 to help a church in Latvia fix their building. You can run the percentage on that. Everyone felt really good, except me. Confronting this error put me on the black list. I realized our system of church demands it. The only solution is to change the system. We preach that our existing system is church by the book, but it’s not. Our current fellowship pays $100 a week to meet at a golf course (very very cheap). We are turning down options to meet for free and direct $5200 a year beyond ourselves. They want a larger group in one room – 8 families with lots of children. We’re in a church box. Let’s examine the box to see if there is revelation to get out of the box. I’m growing beyond the box because the revelation is there.

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