Lies We’ve Been Told, But Have Bought Anyway (A Guest Post)

PinnochioToday’s post is by guest contributor and fellow Small Church blogger, Dave Jacobs.

I read it on his website yesterday and had to pass it on.

I was planning to add my thoughts to it, but the more I tried, the more my commentary just blunted its edges.

It stands on it’s own. 

So I’ll just let it be.

(Check the end of the post for info about Dave and how you can support Small Church pastors through his ministry.)

– Karl

Lies We’ve Been Told, But Have Bought Anyway

1. The back door can be closed.

2. Teaching on stewardship results in increased giving.

3. If you work really hard you can grow your church.

4. Great preaching and great music will bring great growth.

5. People with a background in business are the best people to have on your church board.

6. “Missional” is new.

7. Traditional church models are automatically ineffective.

8. Mission statements are really important.

9. Pastors of larger churches must know something pastors of smaller churches don’t.

10. Formal church memberships result in greater commitment.

11. If you have a clear and well-articulated vision your church will grow.

12. Outreach events result in church growth.

13. The “attractional model” isn’t working anymore.

14. In order for an older pastor to attract a younger crowd he needs to look and sound cool.

15. If a church isn’t growing there must be something wrong.

16. Every once in a while it’s good for a pastor to insert a moderate curse word into his sermons. This will communicate that he is cool and contemporary and radical.

17. Parishioners will follow the example of their pastor.

18. All healthy things grow and reproduce.

Great stuff, Dave.

Thanks for your passion and truthfulness. More people need to challenge presuppositions like you do.

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So what do you think? How many of these lies have you believed at one time? Do you still believe any? It’s OK, you’re allowed to disagree.

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