I Don’t Like the Way You Do Church

thumb down 2I don’t like the way you do church.

  • The music is too loud or too soft
  • The clothes are too casual or too formal
  • The preaching is too emotional or too academic
  • The pastor is too unavailable or too hands-on
  • The building is too ornate or too bland
  • The liturgy is too old or too new
  • The ethnic mix is too homogenous or too diverse
  • The vibe is too corporate or too quirky
  • The mission is to inward-focused or too outward-focused
  • The congregation is too big or too small
  • The sermons are too long or… no that’s it – they’re too long

That’s OK.

You feel the same about my church. For the same reasons.

There’s no style of church that everyone likes.

But even though I don’t like the way you do church, I will still

  • Love you and your church
  • Support you and your church
  • Pray for you and your church
  • Work with you and your church

I hope you’ll do the same for me and mine.

Sure, we’ll disagree. Sometimes we’ll even argue. Families do that.

But if you love Jesus, we are family. And that’s all that matters.


So what do you think? Can we agree to love and support each other, even if we don’t like the way the other guy does church?

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(Thumb Down photo from Sarah Reid • Flickr • Creative Commons license)

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5 thoughts on “I Don’t Like the Way You Do Church”

  1. Karl keep up the great work of challenging and encouraging pastors!
    I wonder how many times Jesus hear “I don’t like….”

  2. But sometimes the complaint is worded in such a way to increase the conflict. I.e., “Your way of doing church is not Biblical.” [with no Biblical exegesis, but only proof-texting, that supports that opinion!]

    1. Exactly. Hopefully, a few of the people with that tendency will read this and think twice the next time they’re tempted to accuse someone of heresy for doing church differently.

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