Church Attendance And The Law Of Large Numbers

According to the Law of Large Numbers, while ideas are often very transferable between large groups, they might completely collapse when they’re transferred to a small group. Sunset Road

The Biggest Challenge For Pastors Of Healthy Churches Right Now

In some situations, the pastors of unhealthy churches may be taking better care of their own spiritual, emotional, physical and relational health than the pastors of strong, healthy churches. Here’s why. Linktree

How to Create an Online Bulletin Using Linktree (Step-by-Step Video)

Our church uses LinkTree for our online bulletin because it’s so easy for anyone to set up, and just as easy for church members to navigate. In this video I show you how to set up and use LinkTree, by actually creating an account with a live screen-capture.

What To Do When Life And Ministry Feel Overwhelming

Life feels overwhelming right now. But even when we’re experiencing a good kind of overwhelming, we can’t live there for long. If we don’t deal with it properly, it has the potential to go really bad, really fast.