The Very Active Ingredient of a Healthy & Vibrant Small Church (Podcast)


What does quality look like in a Small Church?

That may be one of the biggest challenges for Small Church pastors – especially for ministry to millennials.

For decades, we’ve been taught a list of elements that need to be done well for a church to be great. But many of those elements can only be pulled off in larger churches.

In Small Churches, quality is summed up in church health. And church health is summed up in relationships. With Jesus and each other. That’s good news, especially for millennials, who have more access to people and information than ever, but who often live very lonely lives.

In today’s podcast, with Jeff and Jonny from, we talk about the content of Small Churches Are the Next Big Thing – With One Condition, which was one of the first posts to catch fire after it got reposted on several other websites. It’s still one of my top five most-read posts.

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Today’s Podcast 

200Churches logoThe Very Active Ingredient of a Healthy & Vibrant Small Church (Podcast)

In today’s podcast we talk about how the millennial generation has a different set of needs and expectations than previous generations. Jonny, being a millennial, takes the lead on this interview with Karl. We especially talk about how a quality church experience is more about relationships, adaptability and listening than it used to be. (Episode 69 – 36:20 total run time. The interview runs from 8:30 to 29:40 making it about 21 minutes.)

So what do you think? What can each generation learn from each other in our church experience?

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