Your Church Is Big Enough (Podcast)

Church StreetNothing is ever big enough. That’s the reality of our culture. Unfortunately, that mindset has invaded the church.

The first post I ever wrote here at directly challenged that bigger-is-better mindset.

In it, I encouraged Small Church pastors to realize that your church doesn’t need to be big in order for God to use it. Or you.

Your church is big enough.

Right now. Today. At its current size.

Your church is big enough to do what Jesus has called you to do, and to be who he has called you to be.

Your church is big enough to minister the healing grace of Jesus to its members. And you have enough members to take that grace to your community in an overflow of joy and hope.

In today’s podcast, Jeff and Jonny of interview me about the content of that post. 

It starts with Jeff asking me a question, based on something a friend of his asked him. “How can you say your church is big enough as long as there are still people in your community who need Jesus?”

Then it gets fun.


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Today’s Podcast

Your Church Is Big Enough (Podcast)Your Church Is Big Enough

So you’re a Small Church pastor. Me too. Have you ever felt like that’s not enough? Me too. Today I have good news for both of us. Your church is big enough. If God says my church is big enough to do what he wants me to do, no matter how few of us there are, who am I to argue? It’s time to stop worrying about what we can’t do because we’re small, and start asking what Jesus can do with us because we’re small. (Episode 57 – 35:28 total run time. The interview lasts 20 minutes, from the 8 minute mark to the 28 minute mark.)

So what do you think? Have you ever been discouraged because you think your church isn’t big enough?

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