Young and Old Can Still Worship Jesus Together

Gene and Skylar 1240 x 697Gene is 90 and can’t always make it to church any more.

When the service is over, the main part of Gene’s church experience begins. As people talk, laugh and hang out in the lobby, he stays in his chair. But he’s seldom sitting alone. People of all ages stop and chat with him constantly.

They bring him coffee. They enjoy his quiet friendliness and wisdom. They learn about his life. They listen as he shares his passion for painting. They pray for him and he prays for them.

A healthy church should always look something like this.

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2 thoughts on “Young and Old Can Still Worship Jesus Together”

  1. Enjoyed the story. It reminded me of our church. We have a older couple that for health reasons cannot sit on our chairs but still wanted to be part of the worship service. We took a couple of recliners that we have that were in other rooms and brought them into the sanctuary for them to sit in. We have done this many times when either age or health issues become a problem. We have accommodated people in walkers and power chairs in our service as well. Our thinking is that if people desire to be part of the service then we have a obligation to make that happen. This really shows that we value people and everyone is welcome.

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