You May Be a Small Church Pastor and Not Even Know It

Karl Nametag 1240 x 697Here’s a short quiz:

1. Are you a pastor?

2. Does your church have fewer than 200 people attending on an average Sunday? (No, not on Easter. On the Sunday after Easter.)

If you answered “yes” to both questions, congratulations! You’re a small church pastor!

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2 thoughts on “You May Be a Small Church Pastor and Not Even Know It”

  1. Thank you, Karl! We just had some long ago, former church members come to us who have been attending a large church, and they told us of the things they are missing there. There is no room for their gifts and talents (too many people already do what they are called to do). There is no room for them in the clicks (groups of people unwilling to allow anyone else in). There is no personal relationship with the pastor. For all of these reasons, they are returning to a smaller church. There is indeed a reason there are so many small churches. We (my husband and I) want to know everyone’s name, and we want to be available to them (support and pray for them in their joys and their hurts). We would be miserable if we could not accomplish this. Your articles continue to encourage us! Blessings!

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