Why I Won’t Be The Lead Pastor At Cornerstone Any More – But I’m Not Leaving

Hi, I’m Karl, and I’m still a small church pastor. But I won’t be in the first chair much longer.

On Sunday, my long-time youth pastor, Gary Garcia and I presented a plan for him to become the lead pastor of Cornerstone. I will stay on at the church, assuming the position of teaching pastor.

Pastoral transition is one of the most dangerous times in a congregation’s life. Probably more local churches have seen their mission and ministry crippled or ended by bad pastoral transitions than all other reasons combined.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be The Lead Pastor At Cornerstone Any More – But I’m Not Leaving”

  1. The church family, itself, must understand and assume their own responsibilities in such transitions. If the pastors did everything right, which they probably can’t, it is still the church family that must decide to guard the unity in love in what cannot help but be a vulnerable time. Expect the unexpected from unexpected sources. Great pastors make great churches, but great churches make great pastors, too. God bless you in this time. I’ve gone through similar myself…by the grace of God.
    Tom Lanier

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey. My predecessor and I went through a very similar process in our small church in the south east Phoenix (AZ) valley. I was called to the church and served as the Associate Pastor for just under one year. Then I switched roles with the Lead Pastor and he became the Associate Pastor, in a very collaborative and collegial manner, for the next year. And then he retired at the beginning of the following year. Many of the church traditions were able to be honored and then built upon. I was better able to understand the “culture” of the church body, even as the “new guy”. And the transition went very smoothly in the eyes of those participating as well as those in the community around who knew what was going on. I will be praying for you and Gary as God guides you and the others of Cornerstone Church through this exciting time.

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