Why ‘Just Preach the Gospel’ Is Naïve, Unbiblical Advice

street preacher 1240 x 697It’s impossible for any human being to “just preach the gospel.” For two reasons:

1. If It’s Just Preaching, It’s Not the Gospel

Jesus didn’t just preach the gospel. Neither did Paul, Peter or the early church. And they told us not to just preach the gospel, either.

Why? Because it’s not the gospel if it’s just preached. It has to be lived.

2. We All Bring Baggage into Our Understanding and Preaching of It

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3 thoughts on “Why ‘Just Preach the Gospel’ Is Naïve, Unbiblical Advice”

  1. Good stuff Karl and I agree that we need to back up our words with our living. On the other hand, I’ve always had a bone to pick with those who offer the old adage: “preach the gospel, if necessary, use words.” Of course we are summoned to live a life that bears witness to our love for the Savior, but the gospel itself is a real message that requires words.

  2. Karl, and also Jeff,
    yes, the gospel is words, in fact it is Good News, and we do need to go and share the good news, but at the same time we do need to live our lives in a gospel manner so that our lives and our preaching are in sync. that is what is so disturbing about pastors who fall, and have no time of restoration. off topic i know, but we need to model the life of Christ in our peoples lives

  3. You are on the right track to challenge the “just preach the gospel” cliche. We live in an evangelical bubble where “preach the gospel” means lecture the gospel by one hired man in a church building every week without end. “Preach the gospel” is now something 99% of God’s people will never do. Their duty is to bring the lost into the church building to hear their preacher lecture the gospel, no questions, no objections, no participation of any kind, and worst of all no relationship factors included. This dynamic is a very protected bubble. God has enabled every believer to be a preacher, a proclaimer, a royal priest who “proclaims the glories of him who called you from darkness into light…”. This bubble is a tragic shut down of the gospel to be presented in face to face, heart to heart dynamic. Now it is reserved for just a few experts to deliver in one-way communication. Everyone claims this lecturing the gospel is “equipping” the saints to do it. For some reason we are completely unwilling to examine if this claim is even happening. I think we know it’s not accomplishing “equipping” but we are not willing to be honest enough to recognize it’s only working with maybe 5% of believers and we’re okay with that mediocrity. No one wants to step outside the bubble.

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