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Running an Effective Internship Ministry – In Any Size Church

by Karl Vaters



The Only Reason to Consider Starting an Internship Ministry at Your Church

  • Because you want to invest in the next generation of ministers


10 Steps to Get an Internship Ministry Started


1. Pray and seek wise counsel


2. Be proactive


3. Find alternate ways to reach students


4. Be patient and persistent


5. Connect with local students and secular schools


6. Leverage social media


7. Offer them something they can’t get anywhere else


8. Decide what kind of internship you’re doing


9. Guide them through the details


10. Get buy-in from the church leadership




10 Essential Ingredients for Running an Effective Church Internship Ministry


1. Be ready to invest more in the interns than they will be able to give you


2. Decide who’s paying, and how much


3. Treat interns like students, not slaves


4. Provide a good living environment


5. Give every intern a great experience, especially your first one


6. Be flexible


7. Keep them busy in hands-on ministry


8. Get a wide cross-section of the church involved


9. Give them the keys – literally and figuratively


10. Send them off with a tangible memory


Karl Vaters • • • @KarlVaters