We Love Megachurches, Too! (Podcast)

Refreshing!Last week I attended two conferences. I try not to do that twice in one week (I don’t always do it twice in one year), but that’s just how last week fell.

I spent Thursday and Friday with my staff, interns and 3,500 other pastors and leaders at Catalyst West Coast. We listened to an array of well-known speakers like Francis Chan, Henry Cloud and Christine Caine.

Then I spent all day Saturday with 35 House Church leaders at Momentum Los Angeles, sponsored by House2House. We listened to an array of virtually unknown speakers like Keith Giles, Ken Eastburn and Karl Vaters.

It’s hard to imagine two church conferences that could be any more different than those two, while still sharing the same basic biblical theology.

So which one was better? Both. And neither.


It’s Not Either/Or, It’s Got to Be Both/And

The body of Christ needs house churches, megachurches and every size in between.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks so.

In today’s podcast, with Jeff and Jonny from 200Churches.com, we talk about the content of one of my earliest posts, Hi, I’m Karl and I’m NOT a Megachurch Basher, and why I had to write it. 

When I started NewSmallChurch.com, I started hearing from people who assumed that my appreciation for Small Churches meant I hated megachurches. Half of them were upset at me. The other half were cheering me on.

I immediately and regularly do whatever I can to separate myself from those attitudes.

It is possible to be a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek. To enjoy a Coke one day and Pepsi the next. And it is possible – I think necessary for the future of the body of Christ – to see the value in churches of all sizes.

I write for and about Small Churches because it’s what I know. And because there’s not a lot out there to help us pastor Small Churches well. That’s why I’m so happy to work with the guys at 200Churches.com.


Click on the 200Churches logo, or the blog post title to go to 200Churches.com and listen to the podcast.


Today’s Podcast

200Churches logo200Church Pastors Love Megachurches Too!

In today’s podcast we talk about every size of church, from house churches to megachurches and how each one adds value to the body of Christ. The guys also ask me questions about what Small Churches can learn from megas, including cautions about transposing megachurch principles in a Small Church setting. We even take a couple rabbit trails, including an unexpected chat about our church’s intern program. (Episode 65 – 34:40 total run time.)



So what do you think? What are some of the benefits of big and Small Churches working together?

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(Refreshing! photo from lontee • Flickr • Creative Commons license)

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2 thoughts on “We Love Megachurches, Too! (Podcast)”

  1. Staff, INterns, Catalyst? I want to be your kind of small church pastor when I grow up. I agree that God uses, and we need, churches of all sizes. Thanks for your realistic understanding and comments. I look forward to getting enough time to listen to the Podcast

    1. Yeah, but that only comes with 21 years at the same church, building things up piece-by-piece. We’ve had a lot of steps backwards, too. But we keep at it. Having the same youth/associate pastor the whole time doesn’t hurt, either.

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