Transition Without Relocation: 8 Steps to Stay Fresh In a Long-Term Pastorate

stepping stones 1240 x 697Pastors who lead churches into long-term health and effectiveness are always learning, adapting and growing. They outlast the bad times, learn from the failures and build on successes.

The answer to keeping a long-term ministry valid is something I call Transition Without Relocation. If you do that, you’ll never overstay your welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Transition Without Relocation: 8 Steps to Stay Fresh In a Long-Term Pastorate”

  1. Just catching up on blogs I missed during the holiday season, and I wanted to ask a question about this post.

    In it, you mention that you’ve changed your preaching style 5 times over the 20+ years you’ve been preaching. I would be very interested to know the different preaching methods/styles you’ve used, to see how you’ve adapted and changed over the years.

    I am a young pastor (29 years old, just moved from youth pastor to lead pastor in fall of 2014), and so I feel like I’m still just discovering my preaching style. But I really wanted to ask about the changes you’ve seen and made over the years, because it really interested me.

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