Get On the Wall

We Want YOU On the Nametag Wall With Us!

Click for a printable nametag
Click for a printable nametag

If you’re a Small Church pastor, here’s what to do.


  • Click on the Small Church Pastor nametag icon to the right
  • Print the full-size nametag that comes up – the bigger the better (on card stock, if you have it)
  • Write your name on it in big, bold letters
  • Take your photo with it
  • Send it to me with your name, location and church website


You can send it in any of the following ways:


Not Just For Pastors

Click for a printable nametag
Click for a printable nametag

Since word of this idea leaked out, I’ve had many people who are in Small Churches, but not the lead pastor, who have said “hey! I want in on that!” So we’re making room for you, too. We took a lot of their photos at last week’s book launch party.

If you’re a…

  • Small Church Youth Pastor
  • Small Church Worship Leader
  • Small Church Deacon
  • Small Church Volunteer
  • Small Church Member
  • Small Church…Whatever

Do the above steps, but start with the blank nametag, instead.

Download it to your favorite software program and add your title to it. If you have sweet computer skills, you already know how to do this.

If you’re not sure how to do it, don’t panic. It’s easy.


How to Personalize the Blank Nametag

  1. Open whatever computer program you’re comfortable with – like Powerpoint, or even Word
  2. Click the nametag to open the enlarged version of it
  3. Cut and paste the enlarged nametag to a blank page
  4. Insert a text box from the menu bar into the blank where your title will go
  5. Use a bold, san serif font like Impact, Franklin Gothic or Arial Bold
  6. Type your title, centered, in ALL CAPS
  7. Print it, write your name on it, take the pic and sent it in


That’s all it takes!

Or take this even easier one-step process.

1. Ask your kids or grandkids to help you.


It’s time to declare who we are and join with others who have been blessed with the same wonderful calling to a Small Church.

Let’s start building a community.

I’m looking forward to adding your photo to the wall.

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