Want to get your photo on the Nametag Wall?

Click for a printable nametag

We’d love to have you on the wall with us. Click the nametag to get a printable version.

Then take your photo with it and email it to me at

Click here to find out how to print your own nametag.

16 thoughts on “NAMETAG WALL”

  1. This is amazing!!! OK, maybe not the growing bald spot, that’s just life, not amazing!
    Thanks for this, praying more will be added soon!
    Where do I get the MONDO name tag?

  2. The mondo Nametag is pretty cool, right? My youth pastor made that up and surprised me with it for the book launch. That’s an idea of the kind of great people I get to work with.

  3. The Vaters family misses their son-in-law Sam. Veronica had to be without her hubby for this picture due to work! We will get you on this wall Sam!!!

  4. I love this site and sent my picture in this morning. I hope it will come through. Excited to be a part of this !! my Church is on FB Gospel Tabernacle of Apostolic Faith, Cottageville, S.C.

  5. This page made me cry. As a pastor’s kid, pastor’s sister-in-law and pastor’s sister (Karl’s sister, to be specific), I love seeing the smiles on the faces of those on the front line. Keep up the amazing work Karl! Your gift of encouragement to others is a beautiful thing to see.

  6. Love it! I’m a rookie small church pastor and your site and the joy on this page encourages me. Thanks.

  7. David Sassaman

    This site is just what I needed! I’m currently entering my third year as pastor of a small church, and the difficulties are growing. Thank you for the encouragement you provide! Hope to see my pic soon as I submitted it today. Keep up the great work, and God bless you in your ministry!

  8. Hi Karl, thanks for the encouragement this brings to the small church pastors. Sometimes many of us feel we are to small to matter much, or feel there’s little we can do because of the size of our congregation. Thanks for the wall, I sent my picture in, looking forward to seeing it posted with the others!! Blessings~

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