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My wife asked me what I thought of The Grasshopper Myth. I told her, “for the first time in my ministry, I feel like I’m not alone.” Thank you.

A Small Church pastor (name withheld)


What a great and unique book. You get right to the heart of the matter. Thanks so much.

 John Bueno, Former Assemblies of God World Missions Executive Director. Founder of Latin America Child Care


Finally! This book has needed to be written for some time. Karl has done the Kingdom a service by giving us something so necessary, so solid and so real. This book has been researched, it has been lived and it expresses a heart touched by God. Every pastor should read the Grasshopper Myth  and be encouraged.

Dr. Jim Masteller, CEO of CIFT (Center for Individual & Family Therapy)


An outstanding job on a topic that needs to be addressed. This book will prove to be an encouragement to many. Karl is a small church pastor who refuses to think small. In The Grasshopper Myth, you will find yourself being encouraged as you realize that God uses small churches just as he does big churches. This is a call to use smallness as an advantage rather than an excuse. This book could change how you view yourself and your church.

Frank Wooden, Hope Church, San Diego, Pastor and Small Church planter


I have finished reading Karl Vaters’ book “The Grasshopper Myth”. It is such a honest book. While much of it is written for Pastors and other church leaders, I think any Christian who has ever felt like they didn’t measure up to others ideas of success will get a lot out of it. I pray that this leads to new ways of thinking in the church.

Matt Vest, Preschool Teacher


One of the best books I’ve read in several years. This book spoke to me clearly as a small church pastor. It was also very liberating. Too often we live under a cloud of self doubt and self-inflicted pressure to constantly have to do more and get bigger. Karl has used biblical truth to debunk these culturally caused ideas and set me free to be the pastor God has called me to be. I highly recommend this book to every small church pastor.

Brian Fitch, Lead Pastor, Florence Church of the Nazarene, Florence Oregon


Captivating – Challenging – City Changing. Love the flow, honesty and church-impacting style of Karl Vaters’ new book, The Grasshopper Myth. All I can say is that it is brilliant! It is a must-read for struggling Pastors as well those that are experiencing overwhelming success.

David C Rees-Thomas. Founding Pastor, Calvary Community Church, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


The first thing you’ll discover about Karl’s book is that he’s not like most Pastors. Oh, in one sense he’s like all of us – passionate about the church and the people of God. But in another he’s different. He’s brutally honest about his life, struggles and the church. He actually confesses! The second thing you’ll discover is that he challenges assumptions the church has held for at least 30 years. He identifies and answers our obsession with church growth. How would you like some affirmation for being a great pastor? You’ll find it in this book.

Glenn Garvin, Royal Family KIDS


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In April 2013, Dixie Phillips, from “SGN Scoops” magazine, interviewed Karl Vaters about the origins of The Grasshopper Myth and 

That interview, and Phillips’ review of the book, were combined into an article entitled “Small Churches Are a Big Deal”.

Click here to read the entire review/interview.


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