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Getting the Book to Those Who Can’t Afford It

TGM box 200c(Are you a Small Church pastor who needs a book, but can’t afford one? Scroll down to find out how to get one for free.)

One of the challenges of a ministry like New Small Church is that the Small Church pastors who need the resources the most can usually afford them the least.

That’s why we’re based on a website. It’s FREE.

Books, on the other hand, cost money to write, print and ship. But we don’t want anyone to be turned away from any resource because of financial need. So here’s the plan.

Click the donate button, below, to go to PayPal, where you can donate any amount to help buy books for Small Church pastors who can’t afford one.


It costs an average of $10 to get a book out, depending on shipping costs, so if you want to donate one book, or 5 or 10, you can base your donation on that figure. Any amount will help.

You can use most major credit or debit cards. And no, you don’t need to be a PayPal member to donate.

Thank you for helping out.


Are You a Small Church Pastor Who Can’t Afford a Book?

Email your name and shipping address to and we’ll send you a book, in print or on Kindle.

If donations haven’t come in yet, we’ll put you on a first-come-first-served waiting list.

Don’t worry. We won’t embarrass you by giving out your name to anyone.

We’re in this together



8 thoughts on “Book Sponsorship”

  1. We are a small church of people who live on the street, people on social assistance and new migrants. Will appreciate a free copy of the book. Thank you kindly.Address is Rev Rafael Vallejo, 1344 Eleanor Ave, Cambridge Ontario N3H4N2 Canada.

    1. Thank you for the work you’re doing. I will send a book out in today’s mail. It can take a while to get across the border, but you should have it within a couple of weeks.

  2. Menardo C. Roque

    hi there…i am a denomination leader and a local church pastor here in the Philippines…i am currently doing a week by week leadership cell with my own local church with the goal of putting everyone in the realization that we really need a discipleship process through small groups in obedience to the Great Commission and in fulfilling our church vision of Becoming God’s Vehicles of Salvation and a Reflection of His Love to our community. I see this book (The Grosshopper Myth) as essential and beneficial to me and my leadership team…

    I thank you in advance for your consideration of making me one of your book’s beneficiaries..God Bless You more!!!

    here’s my email address:

  3. Hola somos una iglesia que empezo hace 4 meses e sido pastor de iglesia chica por mas de 15 años en diferentes partes en Mexico y me a bendecido mucho leer tus publicaciones. Si pudiera recibir una copia de tu libro electrónicamente seria genial muchas bendiciones mi correo es

  4. Hi Karl,

    Hope you can feel the Lord shining upon you today. I am not a church elder in need of a book, I’m a body member of a smaller sized local gathering (110 members, 250-300 attending weekly) that would like to get your book but cannot afford the $10. My prayer is that this book would be a blessing to our preaching elder (AKA Senior Pastor) who still thinks of our congregation as, “the little church on the ridge” and also, to bless me to continue to accept God’s timing in my own journey (ministry graduate, former teaching elder of a plant) that admittedly struggles wondering why it is 10 years since my last ‘official ministry’ as an elder.

    1. God bless you, Jim. I received your email with your mailing address and will send out a free copy of The Grasshopper Myth today. I pray it will bless you, your pastor and the church.

  5. Rudy Lantican

    Hi There! I’m so much interested in reading your book, I’m starting a small church here in one of the subdivision in Trece Martires City, Cavite, Philippines. It will mean a lot even for a kindle copy. Thanks a lot and more blessing!

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