The Gatekeepers are Gone: What’s Holding Your Ministry Back?

selfie stick 1240 x 697The era of needing approval from anyone but God and ourselves to produce and distribute the eternal truths of the Gospel in fresh, new ways to millions of people is long gone.

Everything you need to reach millions of people is literally at the tips of your fingers right now.

All on virtually no budget.

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2 thoughts on “The Gatekeepers are Gone: What’s Holding Your Ministry Back?”

  1. 1. The gatekeeper of soul comfort
    Just because you have a web site doesn’t mean people will go there.
    Just because a few people come to your website among the billions, they most likely won’t read past the first idea that challenges their comfort zone.
    Just because some read past their comfort zone, they probably won’t say anything in reply – nothing.
    Just because some say something, usually a self justifying cliche, and you reply to them, they will interact no further. They will not be a substantive thinker, examiner in open relationship.

    2. The gatekeeper of the blog
    Any blog you go to that gives you an opportunity to interact with them has a blog host with a soul comfort zone that you must match up with or else be labeled a troll and your post is deleted.

    3. The gatekeeper of the system We have even developed highly polished systems where people can come for “relationship” and never relate with any substance. The leaders lead with zero mutuality, their interests focusing more on the institution momentum rather than actual hearts and minds. They can’t. There are too many for that kind of depth. If you approach the leader and speak with substantive admonition for truth outside the comfort zone and do not accept his “that is not part of our vision” excuse, you will be forced out. Relationship is diluted and distracted for the sake of many things.

    There are still gatekeepers. It doesn’t matter that God has created us with amazing thinking, evaluating and relating capabilities, just like his own. But we are mired in self-preoccupation that moves in a comfort rut. God knows those who have gates that are hungry for thinking, evaluating and substantive relationship. They realize their soul has been thriving on junk-content and veneer relationships. He is the master director and net-worker of those who follow him. Nothing is holding me back. Others are holding themselves back from connecting for ministry outside the bubble.

    1. Wow, Tim. That’s a lot to take in. My quick responses on your three points are:

      1. I didn’t claim that access guarantees an audience.
      2. Of course people are gatekeepers on their own blog. Just like there are gatekeepers on TV networks. When you own it, you can block it as much as you want. I’ve had to block spammers and trolls on this blog, too. But that doesn’t stop them from expressing whatever they want on their own blog.
      3. No sure what this means.

      On your last two sentences, I think we’re in full agreement. You stated “Nothing is holding me back. Others are holding themselves back from connecting for ministry outside the bubble.” That sounds very similar to my line. “The only person who can stop you is you.”

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