The Church that Cares for Kids (Video Interview)

Epperson Interview square 200cDan Epperson isn’t about to let his church’s small size limit its impact. Instead, he and his church are doing what they can to reach their small community.

Dan is the lead pastor at King’s View Assembly of God in the mountain community of Ione, California, where they’ve become known as “The Church that Cares for Kids”. But that’s not the only outward-reaching ministry he and the church do.

Rather than me telling you Dan’s story, I thought it would be best to let him tell you. So I sat down with Dan in, of all places, the coffee shop of a megachurch where we’d gathered for a minister’s conference in Sacramento, California.

I was there to teach some sessions on The Grasshopper Myth, and Dan was an attending minister. (Thank you, Northern California & Nevada Assemblies of God for inviting me, and Capital Christian Center for hosting a great conference.)

The “gated community” Dan lovingly refers to, where half the population of Ione lives, is known by the state of California as Mule Creek State Prison. Here’s the link for Rural Compassion, the ministry Dan talks about working with for a backpack giveaway.

So what do you think? Does this give you any ideas about how to reach your community?

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