The Gatekeepers are Gone: What’s Holding Your Ministry Back?

The era of needing approval from anyone but God and ourselves to produce and distribute the eternal truths of the Gospel in fresh, new ways to millions of people is long gone.

You don’t need a stadium to do it. Or a church building. Or denominational support.

You don’t need a record contract, a movie offer, a TV network or a radio station.

All the technology you need to reach millions of people is literally at the tips of your fingers right now.

All on virtually no budget.

I Support the “Son of God” Movie, So My Church Isn’t Buying Out a Theater

I have no idea if Son of God is a great, average or awful movie. Given the many public statements of faith made by its producers, I have no doubt it will be a sincere and devout one.

But Christian-themed media and art need to be more than sincere and devout. They should be able to stand on their own as legitimate works of cinematic art.

They need to be good.

Rather than being propped up by massive ticket buys from churches, Christian-themed movies need to take the same critical and box office heat that every other movie does. If it’s a good movie, it will survive and thrive. If it’s not a good movie, it won’t – and shouldn’t.