No. I Don’t Want To “Shut Down An Atheist In 15 Seconds Flat!”

Ah, social media. You beautiful, hideous beast.

One of my least favorite current trends is the growing number of my Christian friends posting memes, blog posts and videos with headlines like these:

“Young Student Humiliates Atheist Professor Who Tried To Tell Him God Isn’t Real!”
“This Will Shut Down An Atheist In 15 Seconds Flat!”
“A Simple Illustration That Destroys (insert counter-argument here)!”
“On-the-Street Interviews That Prove Liberals (or Conservatives, or Millennials, or Calvinists, or…) Are Idiots!”
“Mormons get schooled by Christian man!”
Count me out.

I don’t want to shut down, humiliate or destroy anyone. Or their argument.

Jesus gave us a better way.

Did 2016 Expose America’s (And the Church’s) Fame Addiction?


Worst. Year. Ever.

It must be. Social media says so.

Certainly, 2016 had its share of serious issues. From escalating problems in race relations, to horrific acts of terrorism, to the ravages of war in places like Syria, and more.

But that’s not what people are referring to. The two topics that dominate the Worst Year Ever talk? The American Presidential election and the deaths of celebrities.

America, we have a fame problem.

For Pastors: Nine Reasons to Stop Telling Everyone They’re Awesome

I’m done with people trying to tell me how awesome I am. Especially fellow pastors.

We should know better.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but very recently I reached my limit on this.

Maybe it was the automatically-generated messages I get from some pastors after I follow them on Twitter. Everyone who follows them, including faceless corporations and porn trolls all get the same “you are awesome!” message that I get. So it means nothing.

Or it could have been the church I saw on vacation that calls themselves, “The church for awesome people. Like you.”

Sorry. No. I don’t want a church for awesome people. I’d feel out of place.

I need a church that helps broken, sinful people find an awesome, loving and forgiving God.