Church Staff

Constructive Criticism: The Day A Staff Member Told Me I Was Preaching Too Long

Every healthy staff should be able to offer constructive criticize to other members, including the lead pastor, with that little amount of concern.

A healthy church fosters an atmosphere in which people feel free to express their ideas openly – especially at the leadership level.

A church staff that never criticizes or corrects their lead pastor is not healthy. Maybe they’re afraid to be honest. Maybe they lack creativity. Either way, without criticism, there’s information you need to know that you’re not being told. And that hurts everyone.

A pastor who places themselves above criticism is not a good leader. But even if you say people are allowed to disagree with you, but they never do, something is wrong.

8 Ways To Manage Minor Church Leadership Issues Before They Become Big Problems

“My pastor is so hard to please!”

I’ve had a lot of conversations with church staff members and volunteers. I’ve also had many conversations with small church pastors about how hard it is to get good staff and volunteers.

One coin. Two sides.

Today I want to talk to my fellow pastors. Here are a few simple steps that help our church to deal with petty issues before they become big.

Great Small Church Leadership Teams Aren’t Hired, They’re Built

People often ask me how I was able to hire such a great leadership team in our Small Church. My answer? We didn’t hire our team. We built it from the inside out. And we’re still building it. Not one of our staff members was hired from outside the church – other than me. They were all attenders and members …

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Building a Strong Leadership Team in a Small Church (Video)

Today’s video, from the October 2013, Small Church Pastors’ Workshop, is a tag-team talk with me and my Youth Pastor, Gary Garcia.

Gary and I have spent 21 years together in ministry at our church. In an era where the average stay of a pastor is 7 months and the average stay of a lead pastor isn’t much better, we both feel very blessed. But it didn’t come easy. Gary and I are very different in almost every way.

In this 34-minute video, Gary and I talk candidly about our differences, our common ground and how we’ve used that relationship to teach and train volunteers, leaders and other church workers.