If I Unfriend You, Here’s Why

If you have a hard time fighting for your side without mocking people on the other side, you need to reconsider your argument. It may not be as strong as you think.

…But I’m Okay With MY Clichés

Recently I’ve heard several podcasts in which former Christians talk about why they left the faith. In some of them, the host and/or guest have laughed about Christian clichés and how shallow they are. Not as the main reason they left, but certainly as a contributing factor.

But instead of going deeper, they’ve often traded clichés like “let go and let God” and “please pray for traveling mercies” for platitudes like “the universe wants you to be happy” and “not all who wander are lost.”

Several times I found myself hitting the pause button, staring at my phone and muttering something like “why would anyone leave shallow expressions of truth for shallow expressions of falsehood? Or even for shallow expressions of lesser truths?”

Be Undeniable: A Christian Alternative to Engaging In the Culture War

Is the culture heading in a direction you think is bad? (No doubt it is, in many ways).

Don’t become just another whining or angry voice in the mess. Rise above it. Stick to the agenda Jesus gave us instead of being drawn into endless arguments, debates and unwinnable wars of words.

Be undeniable.


By doing what Jesus told us to do. His instructions haven’t changed.

It’s still supposed to be about the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.