The Best Way To Avoid Pastor Burnout? Equip The Saints

For too many years, I took almost all of the burden for the ministry of the church on my shoulders. And it nearly killed me – and the church.

So I went back to the pastor’s prime mandate. I redoubled my efforts to equip the church to do ministry instead of doing it for them.

No, the turnaround wasn’t easy. Old habits – both mine and theirs – were deeply entrenched. But it did happen. Or, more accurately, it is happening.

Here are a few of the steps we’ve taken to bring about that change.

Epidemic: Another Pastor Burned Out and Quit Last Sunday

It never gets easier. No matter how many times you hear about it.

And we’re hearing about it a lot more lately. In epidemic numbers.

Another pastor announced to his stunned congregation that he couldn’t do it anymore. He loved them. He was proud of the kingdom work they’d done together for years. But he’d gotten his priorities out of whack. He’d put all his time and energy into the church and had neglected his own spiritual and emotional health.