How to Stay Healthy While Pastoring an Unhealthy Church church is a great place of healing.

But an unhealthy church causes problems for everyone who touches it – including the pastor who’s called to help turn it around.

So how does a pastor keep spiritually and emotionally healthy while living, worshiping and leading in an unhealthy environment?

Turning an unhealthy church around is one of the hardest tasks any pastor will ever be called to do. Don’t attempt it without observing these nine principles to protect yourself and your family:

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2 thoughts on “How to Stay Healthy While Pastoring an Unhealthy Church”

  1. This is excellent, Karl. We’ve done church turn-around work and I’m presently giving someone post-op care who needs (and wants, sometimes) turn-around work in several areas. It’s an apt comparison and your protective, proactive steps are sound and practical. Thank you!

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