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Eight Things You May Want to Know About Me – and Five You Don’t


Name: Karl Vaters

Age: 55

Years in ministry: 34

Education: BS in pastoral ministry, Bethany University. Currently working on a Master’s degree in Church Leadership from Vanguard University, Costa Mesa.

Ordained by: Assemblies of God

What I love to do – and actually get paid for: Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, Fountain Valley, California

Years at this church: 22

Size of church: About 200

Family: One wife, Shelley, of 32 years. Three kids, Veronica, Matt & Phil. One son-in-law, Sam, who took the above photo. One grandson, coming soon!

Place photo taken: Sitting on the roof of the church

Manliest feat of my life: Walking across Grand Canyon in a single day (three times, so far)

Second manliest feat of my life: Jumping out of an airplane (once, so far)

Wimpiest moment of my life: Screaming like a little girl after being startled by a spider in an outhouse, causing me to drop my flashlight… well… you know where

Most disgusting moment of my life: Retrieving the flashlight

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  1. Loved the article of” Essential First Step to Healthy Church.” My spiritual community is going through difficult times and it is important to focus on the purpose of our existence. Thanks.

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