The gospel of Jesus never changes. But times sure do.

While the foundational truths of the Bible are as important and reliable as they’ve always been, the means by which we communicate them are changing more quickly and obviously than ever.

We can’t do business, or church, as usual any more.

The Blessings Of Low-Tech Church During A High-Tech Pandemic

What would ministry look like if we were in this pandemic without today’s technology? Whatever we would have done then, maybe we should also be doing it now.

Locked Down In A Small Town: Rural Ministry During COVID-19

Pastors in small towns and rural areas are on the front lines of ministry right now. They bear the needs of their church members deeply. Yet they and their churches probably feel unseen, undervalued and under-resourced.

Scarcity Creates Value: Why In-Person Church Is Becoming More Important

When people are justifiably concerned about being in the same room together, we need to meet and exceed their expectations. Online and in-person both matter. We can’t neglect one for the other.

When A Sprint Becomes A Marathon: Pastoring In A Long-Term Pandemic

Here are 7 key changes pastors need to make as we adapt from running a sprint to running a marathon.

How To Pivot Your Pastoral Leadership In Uncertain Times

When times are normal, leaders inspire change. When times are disruptive, leaders provide stability.

Free Apps And Websites Any Church Can Use

With people spending an average of five hours a day on their mobile devices, technology is a helpful tool for churches as they fulfill their mission within their communities.

Please Don’t Make “How Many Watched Online?” Our New Ministry Metric

While necessary right now and important in the future, we can’t close our eyes to the downsides of online church.

What’s Stopping You From Using Great Tech In Your Church?

There’s no one to stop you from creating great content and distributing it to millions of people.

Yes, Churches Are Raising Young Leaders – And Yours Can, Too

There’s no one to stop you from creating great content and distributing it to millions of people.

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