Church Ministries

Not only do churches need to figure out how to adapt and recover from the current or recent crisis mode, so do the ministries within the church.

Over the next few months, we’ll add regualr resources here to help with church ministries like Worship, Youth, Seniors, KidMin and more.

Yes, Churches Are Raising Young Leaders – And Yours Can, Too

We can’t just disciple potential young leaders, we have to release them. Then we have stand back and let them do ministry the way God is leading them to do it.

Quit Trying To Fix Your Church’s Ministries – Until You Do This First

Church health is not about making our current ministries better, it’s about doing better ministry.

Boomers, Let’s Be The Elders The Church Really Needs Now

We have the years. The experience. The tools. The maturity. Now we need the humility to encourage and equip. And maybe learn a few new things.

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