Space Is Limited at the Small Church Pastors’ Workshop – Register Now

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UPDATE: We did it! A bunch of Small Church pastors got together, heard from great speakers, worshiped, then left inspired and better prepared to fulfill our calling. All by ourselves, without grown-up supervision.

Thank you to all the speakers, to everyone who helped put it together, to those who attended in person and to everyone who watched the live-stream.

Individual videos of each of the talk are available here.

I had no idea.

Seriously. When I decided to hold a Small Church Pastors’ One Day Workshop (9am-2pm, November 9, 2013), I thought 50 or 60 people might show up.

So we’re doing it at a church that seats about 120 (140 maxed out). I thought that would be just the right size for the expected crowd, with enough room for more, if needed.

Then the emails started coming in. The feedback on this has been strong enough that I’m concerned we may not have enough room to hold everyone.

Yes, that’s a good problem. Until more people show up than we can hold. Then, it’s just a problem for those who can’t get in.

So here’s what we’re going to do. As of today, we have online registration set up. We’ll monitor the signups and remove the registration form if and when we hit 140 registrations.


Online Registration Is a Must

If you want to come, especially if you’re driving in from any distance, you need to register. That is the only way we can guarantee you a seat.

If you click the registration link and it’s not available, we’ve hit our limit and cannot guarantee you a seat. 

Yes, it’s still free. And I hope we have room for everyone. But the responses we’ve received already, with a fairly limited promotion, prove one thing: conferences like this are desperately needed.

We still plan to livestream the event, so people who can’t get here physically can watch it online. We’ll have details on how to do that soon. But even that is becoming a bit of a challenge, because more people are planning to watch the livestream than I expected. So we’re working on issues like bandwidth, etc.

There are a number of pastors who are inviting others to watch the livestream at their churches. If you’re planning to have a group watch the livestream with you, please email me at to let me know. This information will help us prepare properly and will allow us to keep in touch with you if any issues arise.


The Best Way to Get All the Updates

If you’re not following me on Twitter or haven’t liked the New Small Church Facebook page, please do so. They are the quickest way for me to get last-minute updates and changes out to everyone (especially Facebook).

This will also be the best way to get live updates on the day of the Workshop.


Asking for Your Prayers

Please keep me and this event in your prayers. As far as I know, nothing like this has ever been done before, so there’s no one for me to learn from.

The content of the event is solid. I’m so excited about the principles and practical ideas I and our other great speakers have for you.

My prayer is that we can resolve the logistical issues so there’s nothing standing between you and the best possible content I can find.


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  1. Hey Karl, are you going to be recording any of this or compiling it in any way?? I really want to go, but right now I just cannot justify being away…IE: I am swamped, and will be for the foreseeable future.

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