Being Small Is Not One Of Your Church’s Problems (Podcast)

You Are HereWhy are there so many Small Churches around the world? Even in large population centers?

That’s the case with my church and a whole lot of great Small Churches near me. Even though we live in a heavily populated area with some of the world’s most well-known megachurches nearby (which are doing a great job serving God and blessing people, by the way) a lot of people still go to Small Churches.

Small Churches are not a mistake or a problem to be fixed.

Small Churches have a vital role in the body of Christ, along with our big church friends and fellow laborers.

In this podcast, with Jeff and Jonny from, we talk about the content of my 5-part series, The Astonishing Power of Small Churches.

In it, we talk about some important principles, like

  • The IKEA Effect
  • How we behave differently in large and small groups
  • Why so many people choose to attend Small Churches even when there are big church options available
  • How worldwide Christianity is thriving, not shrinking
  • and more

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Today’s Podcast 

200churches 200 150x150 Why You Dont Have to Be Afraid of the 200 Barrier (Podcast)

Being Small Is Not One Of Your Church’s Problems! (Podcast)

In today’s podcast we talk about the advantages of being in a Small Church, including the amazing worldwide reach of Small Churches. A reach that any company, country or military would love to have. Being a Small Church isn’t any better or worse than being a big church. But it does have some unique advantages. We just need to see them and use them. (Episode 78 – 33:46 total run time)



So what do you think? Have you ever considered the advantages of your church’s small size?

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(You Are Here photo from Leigh Anne • Flickr • Creative Commons license)

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