How to Shoot Dynamic Ministry Videos Fast and (Almost) Free

Video cameraWe live in a visual world. We always have of course, but the difference now is that a lot of the visuals happen online.

Your church can’t afford not to be there. Whether you have a website or a Facebook page (hopefully both), you need dynamic, original, videos if you hope to stand out.

But how can a Small Church do that without costing a ton of money and time?

Today, we have an answer for you.

Craig D. Forrest has been shooting great video content for decades. (Check out his resume here). For the last decade-plus, he’s been travelling the world, teaching churches and ministries how to develop great media ministries.

He usually teaches at conferences that cost quite a bit of money to attend. But after hearing about New Small Church, he contacted me with an idea. What if he made a short instructional video showing Small Churches how to have a great video media ministry?

We met, he shared his idea and I loved it!

So last week he shot an instructional video for us. For Small Churches.

Now, thanks to a collaboration between Craig D. Forrest and New Small Church, this world-class, highly-sought-after instruction is being offered online, right here for the first time ever, to any Small Church that needs it.

Effective Media Ministry on a Shoe String! from Craig D. Forrest on Vimeo.

Take 5+ minutes out of your day to watch it, then tag it so you can go back to it again and again. You’ll be able to use this practical step-by-step process to develop a dynamic media ministry in the coming year.

For your 5-minute investment, Craig will show you how easy it is to:

  • Shoot and edit a dynamic, high-quality 3-minute video for every month of the year
  • Using equipment the people in your church already own
  • Taking only one day of your time, three times a year
  • Using the best sermon material you’ve already written
  • Making your church website and/or Facebook page a must-see
  • Reaching your congregation members and the unchurched



You can’t afford to miss this.

Your brand-new video media ministry can happen this year.

It starts now.


Want more? Craig is available to consult, inspire & train your leadership & staff to harness media, including live sessions on Skype. Go to for reasonable rates for Small Churches.


So what do you think? Was this helpful? What other kinds of practical help would you like New Small Church to bring you?

We want to hear from you. Yes, you!
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(Video Camera photo by jsawkins • Flickr • Creative Commons license)

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