Serious About Discipleship? Mentoring Is Better Than Curriculum

women coffee mentoring 1240 x 697“What discipleship curriculum do you recommend for small churches?”

I get asked that question a lot. And my answer almost always disappoints the questioner.

We don’t use discipleship curriculum in our church.

I’ll get to why – and what we do instead – in a moment. But first, I have a question.

How well does your church disciple believers? If you’re like most church leaders, you probably feel like you don’t do it as well as you’d like to.

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3 thoughts on “Serious About Discipleship? Mentoring Is Better Than Curriculum”

  1. This is the most significant and powerful article I have read so far. The practice of mentoring / discipleship or intimate, mutual heartlevel partnership between believers is the core of what Jesus taught and modeled for us to do. We have been decieved into making other priorities a higher priority. I look forward to your ampliphying on this obedience issue. The content we transfer to others is to be driven by our direct walk with God. If we lack content from that, and if we lack confidence that those we mentor can offer content for us, then we have a deeper problem in our walk with God that curriculum won’t solve. “If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin.”

  2. I want to write and express my deep appreciation for your work Karl Vaters. I have pastored for 30 years in wonderful 2 wonderful churches of between 175 and 200. Your articles and books have been a source of encouragement and inspiration. You have made ministry much easier and care free from the constant harangue of bigger and better that so permeates the milieu in which I minister. I am better able to see and appreciate God’s in the church and HIS work in me. Thanks, and may God bless you richly for your labors.

  3. Hi Karl, glad to see this post. As I wrote you about before, it seems there is a dearth of good intentional, relational discipleship blogs or sites. Sadly, most discipleship talk these days, as for a while, revolves around curriculum or programs.
    I wonder if we’ve also elevated mentoring to a somewhat professional or expert place. As if… if you’re not an expert or pro, then you shouldn’t be mentoring others. When I read the book of Acts, I wonder who was leading these churches that were planted? They weren’t experts or seminary-trained, but often quite young in the faith leaders.

    If we as pastors are modeling (by example) mentoring, whether peer to peer or mature to younger, others will follow our example. So, we need to set that example consistently. After all, discipleship (mentoring) is simply pouring into others what God has poured into us.
    Thanks, Karl, for your example!

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