Reality Check: We’re All Going to Pastor a Small Church

open bible 1240 x 697Three facts sit atop my “things I wish someone had told me in Bible college” list.

FACT #1: 80-90 percent of pastoral ministry students will never pastor a church larger than 250 people.

FACT #2: Virtually all of us will pastor a small church for at least some time in our ministry.

FACT #3: You can pastor a small church well, without settling for less.

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2 thoughts on “Reality Check: We’re All Going to Pastor a Small Church”

  1. Karl,
    thanks for a great post. Simple truth, yet still true. What would we gain if our pastors were trained to pastor healthful churches regardless of size and then sent out. I also loved the statement that teaching them to lead large churches may contribute to the burn out in ministry

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