Pray for Paris: What I Will and Will Not Say this Sunday

eiffel tower 1240 x 697My heart hurts for Paris and the nation of France.

In situations like this, the title of pastor is both an honor and a burden.

I don’t have better answers than anyone else. But as I’ve been thinking and praying about it, I’ve made some decisions about what I will and will not say and do.

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3 thoughts on “Pray for Paris: What I Will and Will Not Say this Sunday”

  1. Karl, I’m once again so impressed with your wisdom that is so evident in this post. You have given a timely bit of advice to some and a reminder to others of what is really important! Blessings on you, as you minister today.

  2. Karl thanks again. we prayed for the people of Paris, both victims and antagonists. i reminded our congregation that we need to focus on Jesus and the trinity as the source of true hope and not in some government or human leader to solve our problems. as always we prayed for the church in the world and our leaders including our President who needs our prayers more today than ever before.

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