From Karl Vaters

One of the greatest frustrations I hear when talking with my fellow small church pastors is the lack of quality seminars and conferences done with the small church in mind.

This is changing.

One upcoming opportunity is an invitation to partner with Purpose Driven Church. Over the next few months we’ll be sharing some very exciting news about several events that focus directly on the needs and blessings of smaller congregations. They will be presented from church leaders whose entire emphasis is the smaller congregation. 
July 14 is the first step. I’ll be the speaker on PD Exchange, their monthly online gathering of pastors, to share some of what I’ve learned from and about small church ministry over the last 18 months. You’re invited to join us for free!
Here’s a word from PD Exchange about the July event.

From PD Exchange

You, your leadership team, and everyone in your church have been impacted on multiple levels over the last year. Are you going to pick up where you left off or move forward toward something greater?

Trauma requires healing, and healing is a process. Going through the process well affords us a time of reflection, reconsideration and release, before we begin to renew. If we’re obedient to the process, it will help us come back stronger, healthier and better prepared to usher in the new.

This month’s speaker, Pastor Karl Vaters, is the teaching pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. His heart is to help pastors of small churches find the resources to lead well, and to capitalize on the unique advantages that come with pastoring a small church.

Walk away from PD Exchange ready to:

  • Prepare your congregation for the coming years of post-pandemic issues (emotional, spiritual, financial, and more)
  • Create an action plan for reopening or releasing ministries and programs
  • Minister to church members who have been affected by the trauma

Join us on July 14 by registering here.

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