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The #1 Leadership Key to Spark Innovation in a Small Church

If you want to increase your chances of working with innovators who need guidance, instead of heel-draggers who need motivation, this is the best piece of advice I can give you. I now consider it to be one of my main roles as a church leader.

Find a way to say “Yes”.

Yes to people. Yes to their crazy ideas. Yes to their passion. Yes to something God may be trying to do through them that I just can’t see yet.

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Grasshopper Myth: My Church Can’t Handle Change

Let’s put this myth to rest right now. Churches can handle change. But there’s one fatal mistake too many pastors make, that will kill any chance for change, no matter how badly it may be needed. What churches, and church leaders especially, can’t handle, is this: They can’t handle surprise. And they shouldn’t have to.

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I Am a Small Church Pastor, and I Am Not a Failure

This is a big, bonus look inside the pages of The Grasshopper Myth. It’s the first half of the first chapter (about 7 pages worth). If you’re wondering whether-or-not to buy, read or recommend The Grasshopper Myth, this should help you decide. If you like what you read, pass it on to others by clicking any of the share buttons

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Small Church Problems? The Answer May Be Closer Than You Think

“Show me a spiritually healthy church and I’ll show you a spiritually healthy pastor. Show me a spiritually unhealthy church and I’ll show you a spiritually unhealthy pastor. “If you’ve been the pastor of your church for five years or longer, it’s time to stop blaming your predecessors, your circumstances and your congregation. Like it

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Lies We’ve Been Told, But Have Bought Anyway (A Guest Post)

Today’s post is by guest contributor and fellow Small Church blogger, Dave Jacobs. I read it on his website yesterday and had to pass it on. I was planning to add my thoughts to it, but the more I tried, the more my commentary just blunted its edges. It stands on it’s own.  So I’ll just

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Small Churches Are the Next Big Thing – With One Condition

Some people have written off the current generation spiritually. That is a mistake – for the church and for the Millennials. There’s growing evidence that this new generation will bring the greatest opportunity for Small Church ministry in 2,000 years. Why? Because, as the first generation with a majority born and raised outside traditional marriage,

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