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To My Friends Who Pastor Big Churches

We are on the same team. I’m grateful when you are there to help me and other Small Church pastors. But I also want you to know that we are here to help you too. There is a lot we can learn from each other. When megachurch pastors hold conferences, I know they do it

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To My Friends Who Pastor Small Churches

Most Small Churches are struggling. We struggle to pay the bills, we struggle to recruit volunteers, we struggle with inadequate or non-existent facilities, we struggle to open the front door wider and close the back door tighter. Most of these struggles are unavoidable. They’re just the cost of doing Small Church. There’s one struggle we

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Finding Buried Treasure in the Christmas Story

Preacher’s Block is a challenge during the best of times. But coming up with something fresh to say from the 39 verses the bible gives us about the birth of Jesus can be very difficult – even discouraging. Here are five principles to help pastors keep the story – and their preaching – fresh this Christmas.

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Hey! Small Church Pastors! Stop Doing This Alone!

Why are you doing this alone? That question is printed on a card that sits on my desk every day. It reminds me not to fall into the trap that too many Small Church pastors get caught in. Being a Small Church pastor is one of the loneliest, most stress-filled positions in the world. We have

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Chronic Complainers, Part 2 – When Win-Win is a No-Go

In a strong, healthy Small Church, chronic complainers can cause a lot of stress on the pastor and other leaders. If the Small Church is weak and/or unhealthy, complainers can kill a pastor’s and church’s spirit, sometimes without intending to. In Part 1 of this series, we saw some things we can do to move

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