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How to Free Yourself and Your Church from Easter Insanity

Our church doesn’t participate in Easter Insanity any more. You know what I mean. Churches spend weeks of time and buckets of money for Easter Sunday services. Flyers go out to the neighborhood, ads runs in the “Easter ghetto” of the local newspaper (ask your parents). We hold extravagant musicals, add extra service times, perform

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My Church Isn’t Growing – Don’t Assume You Know Why

New Small Church is not about putting others down for having opinions that are different than mine. And I’m not a fan of stirring up controversy for the sake of controversy. But I’m going to walk close to that line in this post. Stick with me, though. By the end, I hope you’ll agree that I stay on

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How to Stay Motivated as a Small Church Pastor

Pastoring a Small Church isn’t for wimps. The hours are long. Everyone calls with urgent and not-so-urgent needs. And the to-do list never gets done. Or…not. The first six months I spent as a lead pastor of a Small Church were among the hardest in my ministry. Not because I was overwhelmed by the workload,

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Only In a Small Church: Sometimes You Gotta Kill Cockroaches

Small Churches aren’t just smaller versions of big churches. They have unique gifts, challenges and methods of operation. But not everyone realizes that fact. Including some Small Church pastors. This often leads to frustration when we go to ministerial conferences or read pastoral books. Most (usually all) of the speakers and authors are from large

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If the Apostles Didn’t Teach Church Growth, Why Do We?

Why does everyone want to be like the first century church? From what I can tell, it wasn’t that much different from today’s church. They had large and small churches. Healthy, sick and dead churches. Churches with strong leaders, weak leaders and sinful leaders. They worshiped God imperfectly and fought over theology. Some churches gave

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