Measuring What Matters: The Challenge of Church Metrics

tape measures 1240 x 697Church metrics don’t measure the things that matter. Because the things that matter – like love, faith, holiness and hope – are not quantifiable.

Since we’re unable to measure things of real value, we measure things that are values-adjacent. Like church attendance, offerings, small group involvement, and the like.

Those metrics are important. But we should never forget that, at best, they’re stand-ins for the real thing.

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3 thoughts on “Measuring What Matters: The Challenge of Church Metrics”

  1. We measure a “people” metric. We literally go through the list of everyone who is connected to our church every week and ask the question: “What is next for THIS PERSON.” Our answer is never another class, program or event. It is always a move toward someone in our church who is able to move with them thru a process of transformation in whatever the answer is. We answer every question with a relationship. Some people need to do stuff like, quit smoking. Some people need to do stuff like, go to seminary. It’s hard to find a system that measures the metrics of individuals without stopping and looking at people as individuals. Our expected outcome of this process is for every believer to display missional behavior, which includes discipling others.

    But I am a church planter and as such I can do stuff like this without having to change the culture of my church. We are simply creating it.

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