Purpose-Driven Lunch and Learn | April 1, 2020

with Karl Vaters

Three undeniable realities of pastoral ministry:

  • Reality #1: 80-90% of churches will never be larger than 250 people
  • Reality #2: Virtually all pastors will pastor a small church for at least some time in our ministry
  • Reality #3: You can lead a small church well, without settling for less

The church needs to embrace its “long tail”

Many big church principles don’t translate well to a small church context

The law of large numbers: the bigger the crowd, the more predictably it behaves

Church Life During Lockdown

  • We need to embrace doing ministry from the church, not just in the church
  • Make it about people, not technology (or buildings, or finances, or …)
  • If we’re only fighting for our own survival, we don’t deserve to survive

Pastoring a small church is not a penalty for doing something wrong

  • It’s a specialty, and it’s worth doing well

Look for the
S.P.AR.K. page coming soon!

The Small-church Pastors Adapt and Recover Kit

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