Is Online Church, Real Church?

The church needs to be more digital.

Online church is not just necessary, it’s important, even essential. The speed, convenience and world-wide reach of the internet is a wonderful tool. The digital world is a great place to network about faith. I know. I do a lot of it.

But church will never be entirely digital. Screen-to-screen is no substitute for face-to-face. Digital reality cannot replace actual reality.

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1 thought on “Is Online Church, Real Church?”

  1. There have been some reports that suggest the large increase in depression we have seen started when Facebook became popular and the use of other social media platforms have continued the trend. This is not to say the church should avoid an online presence but instead to back up the importance of face-to-face interaction. The biggest problem with personal social media is the fact people only post what they want others to see (sanitized version of their life). I wonder how we avoid that trap when the church communicates online? To me one way is to encourage face-to-face interaction but is there more we need to do? A question for smarter people than me!

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