Innovation Or Insistence? There’s More Than One Way To Reach Your Goal a hallway full of doors, all of which lead to the same destination.

All your life, you’ve seen people go through one particular door, so you use it, too. But one day you try to go through that door and it won’t open for you.

Insistence says, “get me a battering ram, a crowbar or a prayer group. We’re going to push, pry or pray this door open!”

Innovation says “let’s try another door, and another, until we find one that opens.”

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1 thought on “Innovation Or Insistence? There’s More Than One Way To Reach Your Goal”

  1. I used to paddle canoes in Hawaii. The tahitians came to hawaii and started to blow us out of the water. They came with a new style and paddles. Our paddle was broken. We needed to innovate. We needed to fix it. Now, the canoes were not broken. They were just fine. We did not have to innovate the boats. At least, not yet. We did realize that the hawaiian canoes did not do as well as the tahitian canoes on flat water. We had to innovate.

    There is an old saying. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

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