Why I’m Not Worried About The Future Of The Church – Or The Church Of The Future


There will be a great many local congregations and denominations that will not survive into the next generation or two. But that doesn’t mean the church is dying. Or even in trouble. It’s just changing.

The church of the next generation will not look like it does today. Or like it has for generations.

I have no idea what the church of the future will look like. But I’m okay with not knowing. Because it’s not my church. It belongs to Jesus. And he knows what he’s doing.

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1 thought on “Why I’m Not Worried About The Future Of The Church – Or The Church Of The Future”

  1. We have taken on the responsibility of defining the church and guarding that definition. It is almost as if the church was created by us through an outpouring of our ingenuity rather than by God through an outpouring of His Spirit. For the church to be what it should be, it will be defined by God to meet the needs of the culture He is reaching. What it looks like will change from generation to generation and from country/culture to country/culture. It may change faster now but that is God moving in HIs perfection, I hope my ideas on church don’t make me miss out on what He is doing.

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